New Book Release

Holy in Christ

Apostle Tonya teaches in a series on the blessedness of living a holy life in Christ.

*This teaching is not the single teaching available on iTunes. The teaching is the complete album.

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Fellowship with the Holy Spirit

In this introductory teaching on the Rank of the GodHead, Apostle Tonya teaches on the Closeness of Jesus and the Holy Spirit during Jesus' Earthly Ministry.

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Beloved Jesus

Pure teaching on intimacy with our First Love, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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The Cross of Jesus Christ

In this revelatory teaching on The Cross of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Holy Spirit teaches through Apostle Tonya some of the events which manifested at the Cross of our Savior.

(Audio Digital Download)

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In His Blessed Presence

Some of the holy teachings with Apostle Tonya often taught while she was in the Blessed Presence of the Lord. These teachings were before her miraclous speaking voice change and during the transformation season of God's glory beginning to rest upon her.

All Glory belongs to our Most Holy Lord God.

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The Wisdom of an Ant

Study along with Apostle Tonya as teaches about our Risen Lord and the Book of Proverbs in this new powerful teaching on the Wisdom of an Ant.

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Available in Audio Digital Download & eBook

Available in August 2024

Angels on Assignment

In this glorious teaching, the Holy Spirit teaches through Apostle Tonya Angels and the Supernatural Realm taught from the Holy Bible.

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Open Portals

In this new teaching, Apostle Tonya teaches Biblically on accessing Heavenly Portals.

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Creative Miracles

Apostle Tonya shares her testimony on receiving a miraculous voice change from Heaven. Bonus teaching on Preparing for Ministry is included.


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How to Study the Holy Bible

Apostle Tonya teaches on the blessedness of memorizing Scripture and how to study the Holy Bible.

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Galatians Bible Study

Study along with Apostle Tonya as she teaches on grace and the Cross of Christ.

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Beneath His Wings

Start your day delighting in the presence of our Beloved Christ Jesus with powerful scriptural prayers for the brokenhearted, healing, creative miracles and a prayer to access the glory realm.  

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We're celebrating our RISEN CHRISt JESUS

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Healing the Soul wounds teaching ministered to me in my pain and suffering.

A. J.

I was scheduled to be hospitalized for a blood disorder. After Apostle prayed for me I received a miracle! I no longer had the blood disorder and didn't need to be hospitalized!

R. R.

This is amazing teachings for me and my congregation! 

D. N.

This ministry truly listens to the heart of God and women of God will be set free by her (Apostle Tonya's) powerful gifts in the spirit.

C. Newton, Psalmist Voice Radio

Apostle, the concert for orphans was successful.

Pastor S. J.

I was attacked in my mind. Apostle loosed soundness and immediately I was back to myself.

V. T.

A big thanks to Esther Crown Ministries for donating clothes to orphans in South Sudan. 

Apostle Wenepai, Norway

After I received a prayer from Apostle Tonya's YouTube page I finally slept after a long time of not sleeping.

J. H.

During our meeting, when Apostle Tonya was praying I fell off the chair! The Holy Ghost touched my heart when the Apostle explained her love for the orphans across the world. Apostle also gave me a Word that I had not heard in my life since 2001.

Bishop J. D.