The Cross of Christ Teachings


Most recently, the Blessed Holy Spirit hath been most faithful to lead me to study the Book of Luke, Chapter 22.   Most interestingly, the Comforter continued with the revelation He had granted to me earlier of the character of thy Lord’s apostle, Peter.   

As you remember, the Scripture records Peter was entrusted by our Risen Christ to walk in a most glorious manifestation of power and glory wherefore even his shadow manifested miracles to the sick and his blessed dimension of prayer raised the dead.  Yet, if I may so say, Peter seemingly was not a superior apostle.  

Ofttimes, we might want to examine the Scriptures to study the character of the Disciple Peter who even rebuked the Christ. Perhaps, it is there we are granted a glimpse of a man of God who was most courageous, yet, astoundingly flawed in character serving our Blessed Lord.  Further, in the Gospels, we read of the stunning passage after Christ’ arrest of Simon Peter warming himself and denying, Jesus Christ. Luke 22:54-60.  

How might it be that Peter received the words of Christ, trained and even dined with Him; but in the end would fail to be loyal to our Lord when he declared thrice, he knowest not Christ?  

In righteous anger for our Blessed One, we continueth to read the passage in Luke 22:61 that our Lord seemingly heard the stinging echo of the rooster’s crow.  Thereafter, our suffering Christ turned to look upon the countenance of the Disciple who once even walked upon the sea for Love; deny Him.  

Might we hath the courage to even imagine the countenance and tragic pain of Christ?  

In that defining moment of Peter’s ministry, I suppose the Blessed Eyes of grace of the One whom I loveth the most; pierced through the heart of the suddenly fearful Disciple as he then wept bitterly and perhaps repented.   

And so, Peter’ most tragic denial of the King of Glory should remindeth us of the Words wherefore our Beloved admonished, “Why sleep ye?  rise and pray, lest ye enter into temptation.”  Luke 22:46 

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