And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.  Revelation 12:11


"During our meeting, when Apostle Tonya was praying, I fell off the chair.  The Holy Ghost touched my heart when the Apostle explained her love for the orphans across the world."  - Bishop J. D., India

"The Healing the Soul Wounds teaching ministered to me in my pain and suffering."  - A.J., Asia

"I was sitting at the kitchen counter of Apostle Tonya's home and laid my head down on the counter and was taken into something like a deep sleep.  While I was napping at the counter, I had a visitation of Jesus Christ!  The Lord was wearing a Robe when I saw Him."  Pastor C.M., South Carolina

"Esther Crown Ministries meet those suffering around the world at the point of their need with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ."  A.J.

"I had a dream about Apostle Tonya.  When I woke up there was gold glitter all over my pillow.  It was my Sign from God that I had been assigned to work with her in ministry."  S.T., Michigan

"Thank you for the sound teachings!"  Pastor E.S., Sierra Leone, West Africa 

"I was scheduled to be admitted in the hospital because of a blood disorder.  When I told Apostle Tonya she prayed for me and as she was praying, she informed me she saw a vision of an IV being released from Heaven.  I was healed as she was praying for me, and I didn't need to be hospitalized."  R. R., New York

"Apostle Tonya have what we need for our growth.  This is amazing teaching for me, my congregation and even people around my society."  Pastor D.N., Kenya

"A big thanks to Esther Crown Ministries for donating clothes to the orphans in South Sudan."  Apostle G. W., Norway

"Apostle Tonya is the best...smart and excellent."  Lue Ward, Publisher

"Thank you again Apostle Tonya for your generosity (for the facial masks distribution to our church)."  Rev. A. T., Missouri

"I was attacked in my mind.  Apostle Tonya loosed soundness of mind and immediately I was back to myself."  V. T., Pennsylvania

"Apostle, the concert for orphans was successful."  Pastor S.J., Sierra Leone, West Africa

"I thank God that He would use Apostle Tonya as a Mother Teresa and she would also be a second Mother Teresa for India...for vulnerable children not only in India but also in many nations."  Bishop J.S., India

"Apostle Tonya gave me a word of knowledge that I was going to get money for a bill and days after I received a text from someone saying they would pay the exact amount of the bill the Lord said."  - B.B. New York

"After I received prayer from Apostle Tonya's YouTube page I finally slept after a long time of not sleeping."  - J.H., Atlanta, GA

"The mentorship program with Apostle Tonya was blessed." J.D., Texas

"This ministry truly listens to the heart of God and women of God will be set free by her (Apostle Tonya's) power gifts in the spirit." C. Newton, The Psalmist Voice Radio

 "I appreciate the resources you provide for healing of the soul, spiritual warfare and God's comfort in times of grief, among others." S. Gibson, Vivolor Memory Support