About Tonya



Apostle Tonya is the firstborn of the late Ronald and Mother Bertha Mae Vaughn. Both of her parents are resting with the Lord in their Heavenly Home.  It was Tonya's beloved mother’ unwavering faith, deep love and reverence for Jesus which captivated Tonya and ignited a desire to be close to the Lord at a very young age.  Mother Vaughn was a virtuous, holy and anointed woman of God who was full of the Lord God’s wisdom and spent hours daily reading the Word and in fellowship with the Master.  As Mother Vaughn battled infirmities in her body, she never complained but suffered with grace, joy and the love of the Lord.  It was by watching her mother’s devotion to the Lord which paved the way for Tonya to serve Jesus. 

Tonya radiates with an unbridled love for our Heavenly Father.  When you first meet her, it is her heart for the Father that immediately draws you into her presence and she will lovingly begin to share it is the Lord that has kept her during major life storms and much suffering.

In the early 2000s, Tonya founded an organization dedicated to assisting abused women and their children.  During the eight years the organization was in operation, Tonya brought transparency and national attention to a cause dear to her heart: children.  This call to help women and children eventually caused the manifestation of her longtime dream to come true when she debuted a sold-out play she wrote about domestic violence.

In the past few years, as Apostle Tonya has walked closer to the Lord, the revelation and assignments of her books were given to her. The first of which was 40-Days of Throne Room Prayers: Daily Devotional for Intercessors which was released in the midst of the pandemic in March of 2020, Glory & Power (2021) and her upcoming book, Beneath His Wings, 50-Days of Throne Room Prayers

The Cross, Behold the Lamb of God: Appearances of our Lord Jesus and the blog, Heaven’s Pen where she has posted for nearly four years to exalt Jesus are anointed writings from the Holy Spirit written through Tonya of which she has become notably known throughout the world. 

Apostle Tonya is also the host of "Holy Podcast", of which she declares is "the Lord's podcast".   "Holy Podcast" is a well-respected podcast where Tonya prays and teaches pure revelation she has received from the Spirit of Truth.  The podcast which is in its second season can be heard on Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, and iHeart Radio.

Tonya loves introducing people to her Dearest and Beloved Lord Jesus. She is also zealous about revealing the secrets of Heaven she has graciously been given by our Lord while she lovingly directs hearts to Him, her true Love. 

In the past few years, the Risen Lord Jesus Christ has appeared to her in His glorified Body and in dreams.  During these glorious visitations from Jesus Christ, our Precious Savior graced His Daughter with a voice to worship Him, our King of Glory.  Nearly three years ago, our Lord also began to miraculously change her speaking voice in a time when He also granted her a miracle in her body.

As a surrendered vessel who the Lord graced to suffer for a long season for His glory, the Holy Spirit now uses Tonya to minister under an unusual anointing of miracles and healing.  The Holy Spirit is her Dear Companion whom she is blessed to share a remarkable and unprecedented relationship. The Holy Spirit uses His servant with an ancient glory of the Lord Jesus wherewith her yielded body ascend for His glory.  Luke 24:36.  

By God’s grace, Tonya was ordained a pastor under Anointed by God Ministries (ABG) in Brooklyn, New York and also received an Honorary Doctorate in Ministry from ABG in 2010.  The Woman of God answered the Lord’s call and was consecrated an apostle in February 2011 under IMF worldwide fellowship. During such time, Apostle Tonya was simultaneously appointed as IMF's New York State President of which she steadfastly served for one and half years until the Lord instructed her to leave her hometown and relocate. In 2012, Tonya began to serve the Lord in prayer and in 2015 she birthed Esther Crown Ministries (initially a small teaching ministry for women).  The woman of faith is grateful for the new miracle and teaching ministry that came forth in the year of 2019 after her sacrificial years of consecration with Jesus.

"Surely, I am most thankful for the sacrificial years the Father granted to me to dwelleth with Him to prepare me to walk in the glory, and in this unusual ministry." - Apostle Tonya

Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy.  
Jude 1:24