Blog of Apostle Tonya

  • Keep His Secrets

    As servants, we are to steward with love and faithfulness our prayer assignments. And as the Lord’s warriors, we are graced with His power, strength and love to intercede. When the Lord giveth us such honor to intercede we are expected by Heaven to carry out each assignment with integrity, honor and discretion.

  • The Glory Realm

    In these End Times, thy Blessed Father of Glory is revealing manifestations of His Majesty and Glory in the Earth with spirit transporting (Acts 8).  This most marvelous glory manifestation is recorded throughout the Holy Bible. 
  • Intimacy with the Lord Jesus

    It is most precious to me; the Friendship with thy Lord for which such great suffering I have endured. And, it is not easy for me to share my love for our Beloved Lord here. Yet, He has asked this of me. Be glorified O Lord!